Because learning is lifelong

There are all sorts of points in your professional life when some coaching could help you.
After all, learning is lifelong.

Maybe you're at the start of your journey having freshly graduated from school or university.

Maybe you’ve been working for a while and feel like you’re stuck in a rut and want to further your development.

Perhaps you’ve sadly been made redundant, and its given you the time and the opportunity to reflect on what you really want to do.

It was seeing so many great people in this situation during difficult times that spurred us on to developing our own coaching service.

We're Wagstaff Careers Coaching. It's great to meet you!

At Wagstaff Careers Coaching, we offer you tailored support to suit whatever situation you find yourself in.

This includes training and support to your business, your team, or one-to-one coaching meetings with a trained and experienced guide.

In The Community

We work with local schools on a voluntary basis, delivering "dragon’s dens" style events, and mock interviews to help prepare the next generation of proffesionals for the world of work.

We also work as Enterprise Advisers through the Careers & Enterprise Company, supporting schools with careers and employment guidance.

Or for a bit of extra fun, why not experience one of our Percy Pig workshops, providing great content (and great sweets!) to school children of all ages.

With Clients

We work with clients of all sizes, providing outplacement services for redundancy situations. This can be delivered through group workshops, or via one-to-one coaching and guidance. We know these are challenging subjects, and there is no "one size fits all", so we tailor this to suit your business, your people, and your situation.

For Individuals

We provide personalised career coaching for individuals facing a career transition. This could be due to redundancy, or returning to employment after a period of time away, or following a period of illness. Whatever your personal situation, we'll tailor our coaching services to match.

Providing support to funding agencies

At Wagstaff, we can offer national coverage through our network of Career Development Institute colleagues. This includes national programs to support Job Centres, DWP, and funding agencies with return to work programs, as well as all of our own bespoke programs delivered via our trusted partners.
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